Arthur J. Fudge, aka The Big Fudge, Fudgie, and Instant Internet Millionare, is a man with genius ideas on how to make money. In between his e-cigarette reviews, social media network for a game based on facebook, and his beer reviews where all he does is complain, he came up with the idea of media slayer. Unfortunately something really really bad happened. People joined the site like Muhammad_Zubir_Assmad, and had to tarnish his vision of trying to make money from the internet, with their ideas of being incredibly terrible reviewers. A civil war eventually broke out, leading to Arthur Fudge shutting down his profitable site because all his reviewers were being punk bitches. Now he has to start up from scratch, which is a shame, because Arthur J. Fudge had a genius idea with Media Slayer. The other unfortunate thing, the reviewers on his site thought they were in the right, and people wanted to see their reviews. Which is why a site like the Net Dwellers exists. When asked for comment, Arthur Fudge was horrified at what he unleashed upon the world, before pitching to us his idea for a video game site based around Big Rigs Over The Road Racing.